Founded in 2022, with bases in Los Angeles, London and Saudi Arabia, Resala is a film & TV production company dedicated to telling stories about Arab and Muslim history and experience. It has recently secured initial funding to produce several projects.

The Gate of Heaven

A historical epic tracing the journey of Islam from its birth in Mecca in 610 AD until the conquest of Jerusalem in 639 by Caliph Umar Ibn Al Khattab, and its relationship with Christianity and Judaism.

The LA 8

A TV court series following the 25-year legal battle of 7 Palestinian men and 1 Kenyan woman against the US authorities, who fabricated terrorism charges against them to deport them from the US.

The General’s Son

A political thriller about an Israeli general who has to decide whether to kill or save a Hamas fighter when he learns that the fighter is his biological son, switched at birth with a son of a Palestinian family.